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Smart Energy – the evolution of electricity accounting

It is quite natural that any significant discovery is followed by a number of closely related auxiliary inventions that contribute to its rapid spread and introduction into our lives. So, in the 19th century, due to the widespread use of electricity in all spheres of human life, many devices were invented without which the modern world is unthinkable. One of them was the electric meter.

Currently, every apartment, house and industrial facilities must be equipped with this device. Its main task is to control the consumption and production of electricity at the facility and keep its records.

Electricity, like any good or service, has its price, therefore there is a need to measure the amount of electricity consumed or produced for the purpose of further payment or sale.

From a phone to a smartphone, from a meter to a Smart meter

Taking into account the growth of human needs in the processing of an ever-increasing amount of data, the means of obtaining information were constantly improved. This also affected the area of electricity accounting. In the 1990s, a truly revolutionary event took place - the world's first ADC-based meter was developed in the USA. The Alpha meter from ELSTER (formerly ABB) became a pioneer. In those years, the development of microprocessor technology developed rapidly, the clock frequency of processors increased in geometric progression year by year. As the processor frequency increased, so did the accuracy of the metering devices.

Alpha meters do not require a special presentation for the Ukrainian consumer. Thousands of Alpha devices of different generations have been installed on the territory of Ukraine since 1994. During its almost 30-year history, ELSTER meters have proven to be the most accurate devices in the world.

MCS301 meters are the latest generation of meters. The new Smart meter is presented under the new MetCom Solutions (Germany) brand from Alfa developers. 

MCS301 meter is fully adapted to modern digital technologies and is one of the main elements of "smart grids". Smart Grid is a digital technology that provides two-way communication between the server and its customers, and the meters along the power lines are what make the grid "smart". Like the Internet, a Smart Grid consists of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment working together. In this case, these technologies work with the electricity grid to digitally respond to rapidly changing electricity demand. MCS301 Smart meters are the basis of Smart Grid. New generation smart meters are embedded in the IoT environment and are a key component of the Smart Grid creation chain. 


Our advantages

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Our advantages

SMART-ENERGY LLC is the official importer of MetCom Solution and ELSTER Electricity products in Ukraine. Our clients are organizations from various industries from Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We offer solutions based on the needs and priorities of customers. We build business partnerships because the most important thing for us is your trust.
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